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Full time, permanent

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We’re on the hunt for a couple of dairy farm assistants.  If you’ve had a bit of experience that’s great, but not essential if you’ve got the right attitude. We’ll show you the ropes and this could be the first step in a long and prosperous career in farming and a future as a Farm Owner.  

We take the job of being good famers very seriously.  Sure, the outcome is producing plenty of quality milk solids but we need to make sure the cows are well looked after.  That means growing some good grass for them to feed on, milking and taking care of their general welfare.  They're valuable team members and we look after them.  Speaking of team members, you’ll be working with a few of the two legged kind too.  So you’ll need to be a team player and get along with folk.

Then there’s the environment.  We do things right here.  So each farm has a plan and that’s the starting point.  From there we make more improvements and focus on sustainable farming practices so we can be good custodians of the land.  

We’ve some machinery and general farm maintenance that you’ll need to look after.  Increasingly, technology is playing a part in farming and you’ll be exposed to that too.   

We’ve got a track record of supporting personal growth and development.  And we have a goal of seeing our team members progress through to farm ownership.  So it goes without saying that we offer some great training opportunities, both on and off the farm.  

You’ll be the type that likes to roll your sleeves up, get stuck in, challenge yourself and think differently.  The type that’s smart, inquisitive and engaged.  You’ll be an active person, energetic and approach work with a sense of fun and a real ‘can-do’ attitude.

Above all else, you’ll be passionate.  We’re going to make some changes to farming and you’ll be part of it.

Send your CV and cover letter to careers@fortunagroup.co.nz  

Full time, permanent

Dairy Farm Assistant

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