Richburn Dairies

Managed by Fortuna Group since September 2012.

155 Homestead Road RD3 Wyndham 9893


155 Homestead Road RD3 Wyndham 9893

Title Area

191 ha

Effective Area

160 ha


420 Dairy cows

Richburn Dairies

Richburn Dairies is a dairy farm operation based just 35km from Invercargill in Eastern Southland. Its 181 hectares are made up of Waikiwi, Woodland and Waikoikoi soils.

The cool temperate climate of Eastern Southland offers reliable summer rainfall and an average annual rainfall of 1,117mm.

Richburn’s cows are milked through a 40 bail herringbone cowshed situated at one end of the farm.

Richburn won the Financial Management Award at the 2022 Fortuna Annual Awards.  


Farm Manger: Freddie Bajo

Assistant Farm Manager: Venus Bajo

Dairy Farm Assistant: Reynaldo Torres