Growing Careers

Let’s get straight to it.  We want you to own a slice of your own farm.  Success for us is seeing you and your family set up for life, owning a slice of Fortuna, with a share of dirt to call your own.  We want you to be a proud farmer, like we all are.  A farmer who does the right things by the land and the cows on it.  A farmer who can help us lead the world in sustainable farming, creating a happy, healthy and thriving dairy industry for everyone. 

We know that sounds like we’re dreaming big.  We are, and we hope you are too.  Because when you start your career at Fortuna, we’re chasing great and that includes chasing great, big dreams.

Here’s a little of what you can expect when you put on the Fortuna gumboots…

Here’s what your career could look like…

Dairy Assistant

The role where you begin to get to grips with farm life and the girls themselves in the milking shed. You’ll be working under supervision to begin with. Then as you develop and grow, you’ll be handed more responsibilities.

Herd Manager

Time to get to know your team better. That means understanding animal health and making sure you’re looking after their welfare, including calf handling and rearing. You want a high performing team and are given the tools to develop one.

Assistant Dairy Manager

Now you’re doing it. This role has a bit of everything and you’re in training to take over managing a farm. So you can expect to be immersed in everything - that’s mud, milk and the money side of things!

Farm Manager

Your team and your paddocks. It’s time to show the world what you’ve learned, as you look after the animals and lead the charge to being a good custodian of the land. You’ll know all about how we make sure the future of farming is bright and will be playing a big role in that.


A bigger team and multiple paddocks. Now’s the time to become one of the Fortuna Leaders and inspire others to farm the Fortuna way, to the best of their ability. Also - get this far and you could be approved by the Board to become an equity partner /shareholder. That’s a good place to be, trust us.

Ready to start your Fortuna journey now?

Ready to start your Fortuna journey now?  Head on over to the vacancies page or email us to register your interest.