Peat View Dairies

Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since June 2012.

94 Waimatuku Bush Road RD4 Invercargill 9874


94 Waimatuku Bush Road RD4 Invercargill 9874

Title Area

208 ha

Effective Area

180 ha


450 Dairy cows

Peat View Dairies

Peat View Dairies is a dairy farm operation 25km from Invercargill in Central Southland. Combined soil types of Otanomomo, Titipua and Mokotua make up the farm’s 171 hectares.

Due the cool temperate climate of Southland and reliable summer rainfall, Peat View Dairies’ predominantly flat land area receives an average annual rainfall of 1,100mm.

The farm is home to 450 dairy cows which walk a maximum of 1,000 metres to a centrally located milking shed. The Wrights Bush and Waimatuku peat bogs are the 3rd and 4th most significant in Southland.  Recognising this, they have been made into QEII covenants covering a total of 40 hectares.  It's our way of making sure doing the right thing for the land lasts forever.  

As a highly productive operation, Peat View Dairies was winner of the Fortuna Group Farm Pride Award and Supreme Award in both 2013 and 2014. Peat View Dairies Manager, Jade Tulang, also won the Staff Excellence Award in 2013. Peat View Dairies then went on to take out the Best Financial Management Award in 2015.

Peat View won the Farm Pride Award at the 2022 Fortuna Group Awards. 


Farm Manager: Earole Torrepalma

Assistant Farm Manager: Victor Godoy

Herd Manager: Ryan Thompson