The Gumboots Walk In The Same Direction

We have a way of doing things.  It’s what binds us together as a team and makes sure we’re all heading in the same direction.  It’s important too.  Because farming is hard work and there’s plenty of it to be done, especially if we want to do it properly.  So our values are important:

  • Make everyday a good day.  It starts with me. 
  • Do the right thing.  Fair feedback for everyone.  Your opinion counts.
  • Be present, play and have fun.  
  • Every day find a better way.  Performance counts.  Think about tomorrow, we’re here for the long haul.

But none of that is worth much unless all the gumboots are walking in the same direction.  So they are.


It might sound like a pretty lofty vision.  Because it is.  That doesn’t mean we can’t realise it though.  Because we can.

Enriching the world begins with doing the right thing.  Each and every day we do the right thing.  We learn, improve and coach each other to be good custodians of the land.  Land that is full of good quality pasture, so we create quality, sustainable food to feed the world.  We provide shade and shelter for our animals on land that looks good because it is. 

Generating opportunities begins with helping our people succeed.  From providing the training, support and opportunities to create financial independence.  There’s the employee investment scheme and equity opportunities.  We learn with each other, grow and share in our success.  And when it’s right, we expand and extend.