Taurima Dairies

227 Riversdale-Waikaia Road, RD 6, Gore

Taurmia Dairies is a dairy sharemilking operation located on the plains of Northern Southland. With a cool temperate climate, it's 284 hectares receive an average annual rainfall of 779mm and are irrigated by k-line irrigation during the summer months. The farm is home to 770 dairy cows and a centrally located milking shed with the longest cow walk about 1,900 metres.


  • Scotty McIntyre

    Acting Farm Manager
  • Wil Reyes

    Assistant Farm Manager
  • Roy Montenegro

    Herd Manager
  • Aidan Windle

    Dairy Assistant


Sharemilked by Fortuna Group since 1 June 2015 and owned by Festive Fields 2015 Ltd.


Riversdale District, Northern Southland


Title area: 284ha. Effective area: 266ha (94%)


770 dairy cows