Betapahu Farms

84 Hilda Road, RD3 Wyndham

Betapahu Farms is a dairy farm operation based near Edendale, Southland. Its 121 hectares are mostly flat and are made up of Waikoikoi and Edendale soils. The cool temperate climate of Southland offers reliable summer rainfall and an average annual rainfall of 1,113mm. Betapahu Farms is home to 402 dairy cows which walk to a centralised milking shed. The operation boasts high standards of production, plant and equipment.

Betapahu Farms was the winner of the Keep Me Safe Award and FGL Supreme Farm Award in 2015. They continued their winning form in 2016 by taking the Farm Pride Award and the Fortuna Core Values Award. Consistently high performance saw Betapahu take out the Supreme award in 2019.


  • Nilo Quilaton & Stephane Bageres

    Farm Manager
  • Menard Lomboy


Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since June 2013.


Edendale district, Southland


Title area: 121ha. Effective area: 109ha (90%) An additional 35 hectares is also leased and included into the milking platform


402 dairy cows