The 2023 Fortuna Group Awards

Fortuna Life

Jul 26, 2023

The 2023 Fortuna Group Awards

For over a decade, the Fortuna Awards have recognised the outstanding achievements of Fortuna team members. This years winners proved themselves in the paddocks and out of them. They looked after their cows, the grass and each other. They did great work and deserve to be recognised. We present to you the 2023 Fortuna Awards Winner....

We Love Our Cows Award Winner: Quadrant
Staff Excellence Award Winner: Lan Bariuad
Best Financial Management Award Winner: Quadrant
Farm Pride Award Winner: Piriti 1
Keep Me Safe Award Winner: Piriti 3
Core Value Award Winner: Piriti 1

And (drum roll please)...the Supreme Award Winner: Quadrant

Thank you to you all.