Puke Tahi Dairies and Puke Rua Dairies

218 Pebbly Hill Road, Hedghope, RD2, Invercargill

Puke Tahi Dairies and Puke Rua Dairies are twin farms operating as separate entities 33km from Invercargill near Hedgehope. The farms sits on soil types of Pukemuta, Makarewa, Otanamomo, Titipua and Pebbly Hills.

The cool temperate climate of Southland offers reliable summer rainfall and the two farm’s combined 442 hectares receive an average annual rainfall of 1,128mm. Puke Tahi and Puke Rua are home to 1,100 dairy cows.


  • Leonardo Cruzado

    Farm Manager
  • Gerry Yamballa

  • Marlo Manimtim

  • Oscar Villarba

    Farm Manager
  • Virgel Joaquin

  • Germar Atenta


Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since December 2013.


Hedgehope district, Southland


Title area: 442ha. Effective area: 394ha (89%)


1,100 cows