Piriti Dairies

2041 Dipton Winton Highway, Limehills RD3, Winton Southland 9783

Piriti Dairies is comprised of three dairy farms and one support farm based at Centre Bush in Central Southland, just 8 ks from Winton and 35 ks from Invercargill

The four farms total 1,010 ha and milk just over 2,000 cows to produce around 1 million kgMS per annum.

Piriti 1 has a 25 aside double up herringbone shed with Westfalia plant. The farm sits on combined soil types of Makarewa, Caroline & Gore. It's wintering barn, which holds 650 cows was built in 2009.

Piriti 2’s shed is a 60 bail automated rotary shed, with Westfalia plant (Built 2006). No 2 dairy has combined soil types of Makarewa, Caroline & Puke Mutu. The first barn was built in 2008 and holds 450 cows. In 2014 no 2 barn was built to winter 750 cows on latex beds with rubber matting.

Piriti 3 also boasts a 60 bail automated rotary shed with Westfalia plant (built 2006). Braxton & Puke Mutu soil make up the flat contour of Dairy 3, with Kauana soil on the rolling hill land. Dairy 3 is also able to winter 750 cows in its own barn.


  • Hayden & Suzanne Nicholson

    Operations Manager


Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since December 2019


Centre Bush district, Central Southland


Piriti 1
Title Area = 162 total – 145 effective
Piriti 2
Title Area = 335 total – 316 effective
Piriti 3
Title Area = 330 total – 275 effective
Piriti Support
Title Area = 183 total


Piriti 1
400 dairy cows
Piriti 2
935 dairy cows
Piriti 3
730 dairy cows