2015 Southland Environment Awards

Environment Southland

Jayvor Daires was awarded a highly commended in the Farming category at the 2015 Southland Environment Awards. Here's what Environment Southland had to say about the great job Jayvor Dairies did of their dairy conversion:

The Jayvor Dairies property near Edendale is a part of the Fortuna Group of farms and was recently converted to dairy. Expert advice was sought from a range of areas prior to moving any fence posts. Where possible native plantings along riparian areas were kept and an additional 3,000 plants have been planted. Important red tussock areas have been fenced and all good management practices relating to nitrogen loss are being used. This farm is home to the beginning of the Waihopai River, so they are conscious of doing the right thing to avoid problems for others downstream. Judges felt this farm was a great example of forward thinking for the environment during the challenging time of conversion.

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