Onepu Farms

940 Waimatuku Bush Road, Taramoa

Onepu Farms is a specialist support block 16km from Invercargill on the South Coast of Central Southland.

The cool, sea breeze climate sees the block’s combined soil type of Otaitai, Otatara and Sand Dunes sand receive an average annual rainfall of 1,000mm.

The block will winter 1,200 cows very well and fully sustainable. It is well laid out with recent metalled stock lanes, new subdivision and water reticulation. Plantings continue and Onepu with be a key block to wintering for Peat View Dairies and and Iron Bridge cows into the future.


  • Pete Bruce



Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since June 2012.


New River Ferry district, South Coast - Central Southland


Title area: 145ha. Effective area: 135ha (93%) Flat with easy hill. 90% cultivable.