Iron Bridge Farms

7 Fraser Road, RD4 , Invercargill

Iron Bridge Farms is a dairy farm operation based just 16km from Invercargill in Central Southland.

Its 285 hectares are made up of 80% Makarewa and 20% Mataura soil. The cool temperate climate of Central Southland offers reliable summer rainfall and an average annual rainfall of 1,111mm. The farm was converted to dairy in 2009, is home to 830 dairy cows and has a centrally located milking shed with the longest cow walk being about 1,300 metres.

Iron Bridge was the winner of the We Love Our Cows and Milk Quality Award at the Fortuna Group Awards in 2014. Iron Bridge team member Jay Celocia also won the Staff Excellence Award in 2014. Iron Bridge went on to win the We Love our Cows Award again in 2015.


  • Athus Celocia

    Farm Manager
  • Keven Vale

  • Wilfredo Unas


Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since June 2012.


Taramoa district, Central Southland


Title area: 211ha. Effective area: 200ha


578 dairy cows